CClassic Pork Azulassic Pork Azu

CClassic Pork Azulassic Pork Azu



pork 200 g

pickles 3 pcs.

tomato 1 pc.

bulb onions 1/2 head

vegetable oil 1 tbsp.

tomato paste 1 tbsp.

garlic 1 clove

parsley 1 branch

ground black pepper



Cut the pork into strips and fry it on all sides in oil for a few minutes. Throw thinly chopped onion into the pan. Add pickles, cut into strips. Sprinkle with pepper, salt.

Dilute the tomato paste with water and add to the meat, along with chopped tomatoes, parsley and garlic. Bring the classic pork basics to a boil, make the fire quieter, cook for about 7 minutes. Serve with a side dish and eat.

Serve with lettuce and fried potatoes.



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