Salad "Straws" With Smoked Sausage And Pickled Onions

Salad "Straws" With Smoked Sausage And Pickled Onions


Servings: 4

Time for preparing: 30 minutes


smoked sausage 200 g

vinegar 9% 100 ml

eggs (2 pcs for pancakes, 4 pcs for salad) 6 pcs.

pickled cucumbers 3 pcs.

bulb onions 1 pc.

sugar 1 tsp

salt 1 tsp

mayonnaise taste


Add a little salt to two eggs, beat lightly with a whisk and fry two pancakes. Let the pancakes cool and cut into strips.

Cut the onion into thin half rings, pour 200 g of water, add vinegar, sugar, salt and leave to marinate.

Cut the sausage, cucumber and boiled eggs (protein) into strips. Mix all ingredients, add mayonnaise. Put in a slide on a dish and sprinkle with yolk grated on a fine grater on top. Bon Appetit!!!



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