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Quick Donuts On Kefir In 15 Minutes

It will take very little time to cook such airy and soft inside donuts with an appetizing crust. Donut dough is prepared with kefir.

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Granita With Orange And Lemon Juice, Honey And Mint

Granita or simply crushed fruit ice is a Sicilian dessert. A kind of sorbet, but with a denser texture.

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Pie Stuffed With Fresh Apricots

A fluffy, soft pie stuffed with fresh apricots will appeal to both adults and children. Simple and delicious. It can be prepared quickly enough for evening tea or breakfast.

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Oatmeal Brownie With Zucchini And Fruit Puree

This pn brownie is also the perfect diet breakfast for those looking to indulge in a healthy dessert.

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Velute White Sauce

French sauce made from a mixture of flour, fat and broth. Depending on what kind of broth is used, be it chicken, veal or fish, its taste will also depend. Veloute sauce is great for fish and poultry, but can also be used as a base for other sauces.

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Pepper And Eggplant Aivar

Serbian dish popularly nicknamed "the black caviar of the poor". Serves as an independent cold appetizer, which is served with bread or sauce for meat, poultry, fish.

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Chopped Chicken Cutlets With Cheese And Herbs

The easiest and fastest recipe for juicy and fragrant chopped chicken fillet (breast) cutlets. The cutlets are very tasty, tender and juicy.

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Sour Cream Dessert With Vanilla

A universal dessert that can be offered to ardent sweet tooths, lovers of healthy food, and small children.

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