Stuffed Peppers With Rice And Minced Meat

Stuffed Peppers With Rice And Minced Meat


Servings: five

Time for preparing: 1 hour 20 minutes


minced meat 500 g

sweet red pepper 11 pcs.

onion 2 pcs.

tomato 2 pcs.

carrot 1 pc.

rice ¾ glasses

sugar 1 tbsp

paprika 1 tsp

water 1 L

vegetable oil taste

ground black pepper taste

salt taste


Rinse the rice and add a glass of water. Put on low heat and cook until the water is completely evaporated.

Prepare vegetables for roasting and gravy. Grate the carrots on a fine grater. Dice the onion and tomato.

For frying for minced meat, fry half of the onion with carrots.

For the gravy, fry the other half of the onion and carrots, when the onion becomes transparent, add the tomato, 1 tablespoon each. salt and sugar, paprika and pepper. Cook for a few minutes and add 750 ml of water. Simmer the gravy after boiling for 5 minutes.

Let's prepare the filling. Mix rice, minced meat, frying, 1 tsp. salt and pepper. Mix everything well.

Fill with minced pepper. I got 11 pieces. pepper. Put it in a saucepan and fill it with gravy. Simmer the pepper over low heat after boiling for 50 minutes.

Stuffed peppers with rice and minced meat are ready! Bon Appetit everyone!



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