10 Amazing Facts About Beans

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Beans are a unique plant that is grown almost all over the world. What do you know about Beans?

  1. Beans are a unique plant that is grown almost all over the world. The total cultivated area of beans reaches 130 million square kilometers worldwide. The USA grows the largest amount of soybeans.
  2. The largest volumes of peas and beans are grown in Russia.
  3. Beans are very rich in nutrients. In addition, beans contain several times more protein than other foods. Because of this, beans are used dry or fresh for feeding animals and nature in human nutrition.
  4. The bean fruit can be very different. Usually, all fruits differ from each other in size (slightly).
  5. There are beans that are woven, and there are those that are compact.
  6. Basically, the roots of beans run deep underground, which naturally allows you to enrich the soil with nutrients.
  7. The beans tolerate cold very well and germinate even at temperatures around 5 degrees. However, beans are very fond of moisture, so growing them in dry areas is problematic.
  8. Beans can be grown in front of almost any other plant, as beans saturate the soil with nutrients and minerals, which other plants do not.
  9. The beans can grow alone, but they can grow with other plants. For example, you can plant beans along with corn so they grow up better, and use corn as a base to curl more.
  10. You need to sow beans quite early, to a depth of about 5 centimeters. You need to harvest the beans when about 70-80% of the crop is dry. Only in this case, it will be possible to obtain the maximum yield from the entire plantation.
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