10 Amazing Facts About Kumquat

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No, this is not a small orange or an unusual tangerine. Today we will tell you about kumquat – an exotic and unfamiliar fruit for many of us. If in the supermarket you still walk past the shelves with this citrus, then our 10 facts are especially for you!

  1. Kumquat is the smallest citrus fruit. Kumquat, or Fortunella, is an exotic fruit. Its size does not exceed 5 cm in length.
  2. The southern regions of Ancient China are considered the birthplace of this fruit. In Europe and the United States, this fruit appeared in the 19th century.
  3. The kumquat fruit tastes like tangerine and has a strong, pleasant aroma. They eat it whole, without peeling.
  4. It can be eaten raw or processed (jam, candied fruits, dried fruits, marmalade). Various sauces are prepared from it and added to dishes.
  5. The fruit is rich in healthy oils that have a positive effect on the nervous system, help create a positive mood, and activate brain activity.
  6. Fresh fruit is low in calories (71 kcal) and is almost 80% water. But it is better to refuse dried fruits during a diet, 100 g contains 284 kcal.
  7. Thanks to the sparkling leaves and fragile white flowers that appear in summer, kumquats are also planted at home as an ornamental plant.
  8. In China, after the holidays, they are sure to be treated with kumquat. Even 2-3 fruits will save you from a hangover syndrome.
  9. Eight kumquats are about 10 grams of fiber. Fruit fiber improves digestion, which is why doctors recommend consuming kumquat every week.
  10. Regular consumption of kumquat protects against wrinkles, age spots, rough and dry skin.

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