10 Creative Waffle Ideas for Every Taste

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Who doesn’t love her? Whether sweet or savory – waffles are quick to prepare and can be varied. So that you don’t run out of ideas for great waffle creations, we have put together great recipes for you here. Have fun browsing and baking!

Perfect for Sunday brunch, an extended breakfast, or as a delicious sweet or savory lunch or dinner: waffles! The crispy pastries always go well, which is why we have put together ten creative waffle recipes for all waffle fans. Enjoy your meal!

1. Hearty!

With these cute heart waffles, you will certainly make everyone happy. The fruity berry cream with cream cheese, whipped cream, and white couverture round off the taste perfectly.

2. From the sea

Tomatoes, mushrooms, and shrimp from the pan on a delicious pumpkin waffle – that sounds good, doesn’t it? The spicy dough is refined here with grated pumpkin pulp.

3. Great tuber

These delicious waffles contain not only flour and eggs but mashed potatoes. Adding parsley and carrots rounds it all off. A Greek herbal yogurt rounds off the waffle enjoyment perfectly.

4. Springtime pleasure

Hearty spinach waffles make a delicious main course with white asparagus, a lemon butter sauce, and pine nuts.

5. Are they cute!

Chocolate always works, right? If you feel the same way, you should definitely try our delicious chocolate waffles with cream, chocolate shavings, and orange!

6. Cherry, cherry

Fluffy waffles with hot cherries – this combination is always a hit. Of course, you can also use other fruits instead of cherries and make a berry sauce, for example.

7. Veggie and Spicy

Here feta, yogurt, and spring onions end up in the waffle batter and make the crispy pastries together with the delicious quark radish dip a successful veggie dish.

8. Savory & Nutty

These crispy waffles are topped with yogurt, radishes, and spring onions, which gives them an extra special touch. Aromatic hazelnuts round off the hearty pleasure perfectly.

9. Salmon with a difference

Spicy waffles with dill and potatoes and smoked salmon, cucumber, fennel, and rocket on top. Try this slightly more unusual variant – you won’t regret it!

10. So exotic

Juicy waffles, fruity passion fruit, and crunchy pistachios – whether for breakfast, coffee or dessert, this creation is always a good choice.

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