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10 Grilled Burger Tips

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The burger is primarily associated with fast food, in fact, it is a great replacement for sausages, chops, and barbecue at a picnic. Do you want to diversify your picnic menu and don’t want to bother yourself with complicated preparations? Then throw a burger party! You will need a minimum of preparatory work, while you will not need to think about cutlery and grieve over the half-eaten filling.

  1. Burger buns are generally understood as any soft baked goods that can be made into sandwiches and that can be cut in half.
  2. Burger buns are most often sprinkled with sesame seeds and come in a variety of sizes. On average, you will need two small buns per person; if the bun is larger, you can get by with one.
  3. It is best to roast or grill the halves of a burger bun first, so that the bun will acquire a wonderful flavor, and you can make it soft again with the help of mayonnaise, tomato, and meat juice!
  4. The classic version of the burgers uses a thin ground beef patty. Minced meat is seasoned with salt and spices, an egg is added to it to bind. Many add onions, bacon, and bread soaked in milk, as in the preparation of ordinary cutlets, which, of course, affects the taste of the dish. But you can use other meat fillings, from various types of minced meat to whole steaks and schnitzels. In addition, fish or vegetables can be used as a filling.
  5. When cooking meat patties, you need to make sure that they are thin and well-done and also fit the size of the bun. It is best to mix the minced meat well and cut out the same cutlets in a special form. Attention: the meat shrinks a little when grilling and frying. Therefore, it is logical to cook slightly larger cutlets.
  6. The burger must have a vegetable filling.
  7. Of course, these are only the basic ingredients of the burger, you can add other vegetables (bell peppers, avocados, zucchini, and eggplant) or fruits (for example, pineapple, mango) to taste.
  8. To give your burger that extra smoky flavor, you can season it with smoked salt!
  9. When all the ingredients are prepared, which means that the meat (fish, vegetables) is grilled, the buns are toasted, the vegetables are chopped, and the rest of the ingredients such as mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise are within reach, you can start creating your burger. The order of the bookmark is a matter of taste.
  10. If you put cheese on freshly grilled meat, it will melt slightly. Burgers can be prepared with different fillings, dessert burgers with fruits are especially tasty, children will surely like them.
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