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10 Important Salad Cooking Tips

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If you want to cook the most delicious salads, then we recommend heeding these tips!

  1. To store an incomplete onion, grease the incision site with oil or fat.
  2. In order not to “cry” when peeling an onion, you need to peel it under running cold water, or just dip a knife.
  3. So that the knives do not smell like fish or onions, they are rubbed with salt or vegetable oil.
  4. Before cooking, mustard and horseradish must be lightly scalded with boiling water, this will remove the unpleasant bitterness.
  5. Sorrel is very poorly preserved, so it is best to use it on the day of harvest.
  6. Parsley can be rinsed not with cold water, but with warm water. This will make it even more fragrant.
  7. Parsley, celery and dill are best cut and not chopped; chopped greens quickly release and lose aromas.
  8. A few drops of fresh lemon juice added to frozen vegetables and fruits give them freshness and juiciness and improve the taste.
  9. It will be easier to peel potatoes “in their uniforms” if they are poured over with cold water immediately after boiling.
  10. Grated raw potatoes will darken less if you add a little warm milk and grated onions to them.
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