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10 Important Tips for Delicious Salads

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Every chef knows that cooking salads has its own secrets and tricks. A couple of books are not enough to list them all. Then I will describe the most basic things to make the salad delicious. These tips are mostly for beginners.

  1. Meat salads are prepared from sausage, meat, ham. Vegetable salads from vegetables: fresh, boiled, pickled.
  2. Salads should be served beautifully for the festive table. There is no need to smooth the surface of the salad by transferring it to a beautiful dish.
  3. Do not overdo it with decorating the salad, it is advisable to decorate so that you can see what it is, after all.
  4. Amaze your guests with a variety of salads, don’t dress all salads the same way.
  5. You can serve salads: on a platter, in a salad bowl, on slices of bread, on baskets of vegetables or dough.
  6. Salt should only be salted before serving so that they do not give juice.
  7. To prevent the apples from darkening in the salad, sprinkle them with lemon juice.
  8. Before cooking, pierce the potatoes in a “jacket” in several places with a fork so that they do not crack.
  9. Tomato salad is best seasoned with lemon juice.
  10. The main ingredient in many salads is mayonnaise. It’s easy to spot with sour cream mixed with mashed egg yolk and mustard to taste.
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