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10 Most Important Baking Secrets

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These tips will definitely come in handy!

  1. Use a pizza knife instead of tins. You can also make blanks for cookies using a regular pizza knife. Divide the rolled dough into even squares – it’s quick, easy and no waste.
  2. Do not store hard and soft baked goods together. This way, tougher baked goods will never lose their shape or soften.
  3. Rub in cold oil. The secret to a flaky and tender cake base is cold fat. To do this, do not cut the cold butter into cubes, but grate it. You don’t have to mix it with flour for a long time, and the likelihood that it stays cold and the dough becomes perfect is increased.
  4. Roll out the dough with the plastic wrap. To roll out the pie dough, place it between two layers of plastic wrap. This will prevent the dough from sticking to the rolling pin and surface. In addition, it can be easily moved into the mold, and then simply removed the polyethylene.
  5. Prefer glassware. When preparing pies, try to use glassware rather than metal or ceramic. It will make it easier for you to follow the dough and avoid burning.
  6. Lower the tart base with the beans. When making pies, the base is usually baked separately and tends to rise. The fix is very simple: place a sheet of parchment on top and sprinkle beans on top of it (corn, rice, lentils, and even coins or metal washers are also fine). Small items will remove all bubbles in the dough.
  7. Don’t let the base go up. The problem described above can simply be avoided. To do this, put the raw dough in a metal dish, cover with parchment and press on top with another metal mold. Feel free to put this structure in the oven – the weight of the upper mold will not allow the dough to rise.
  8. Use a preheated baking sheet. Glassware does not conduct heat as well as metal. If you want the bottom of the cake to be crispy, place the cake tin on a preheated baking sheet.
  9. Protect the cake from cracking. Leave a small piece of dough while making the base to mask any cracks. If you forgot to leave the dough, mix the flour and water and cover the cracks with the resulting paste. This way you don’t have to prepare the base again.
  10. Strain the pie filling. To prevent the fruit pie from getting too runny, mix all the filling ingredients, let the mixture stand and drain. Then put the juice to boil until it thickens, pour back into the fruit, cool and then add the filling to the prepared dough.
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