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10 Pizza Tips & Tricks

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Everyone knows how good homemade pizza is. To make it successful, follow the advice of Dr. Etker.

  1. Do not be lazy to peel and fluff the flour before you start cooking. Use a sieve. The process fills the product with air – the pizza dough will be fluffier.
  2. Stick yeast is good, but freshness can be questionable. Use the granular version from the Etker collection.
  3. The awakening of yeast-like organisms requires conditions – warmth and a sweetish environment.
  4. Too much-granulated sugar makes the baked goods tough.
  5. A properly rolled layer of dough is the foundation of the art of a pizza maker. The base should not be high, but nobody canceled softness and airiness.
  6. Make a border around the perimeter of the cake before placing the pizza filling on it – the products will not spread out.
  7. By the way, the filling is different – from meat, smoked meats, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits. Of the canonical components, the type of hard cheese and the taste of ketchup are important.
  8. The cheese for the dish should not be of sweet varieties. Choose spicy or creamy.
  9. Choose ketchup according to the type of filling. Spicy taste for meat and smoked meats, without spices for fish and seafood.
  10. The pizza in the oven doesn’t have to be giant in diameter. Make comfortable little cakes.
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