10 Secrets to Awesome Burger

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Burgers are great for a picnic or party, and they are damn delicious too! Today you will learn how to cook great burgers and learn ten life hacks that will help you become the best at this business.

  1. Only cook with fresh meat. Marbled beef works best for the burger, but other meats can be used as well. It is only important to maintain the ratio: 80% meat to 20% fat (800 grams of meat – 200 grams of fat).
  2. Don’t buy minced meat. It is not known who, how, and from what made it. Grind the meat yourself, but not too hard: the minced meat for burgers should be textured.
  3. Knead the minced meat with your hands. You can even throw it on a board or table. This will distribute the fat, herbs, spices and other ingredients added to the meat evenly and make the mixture more fluffy. To prevent the minced meat from sticking to your hands, soak them in cold water.
  4. To ensure that all burger patties are the same shape and mass, shape them with a cooking ring or use a lid from a large jar. Shallow plastic containers will also work. The main thing is that the cutlet should not be thicker than one and a half centimeters and weigh about 200 grams. And don’t forget to make a groove in the center!
  5. Try to keep the burger patties slightly larger than the buns. Then the meat is fried to the desired size.
  6. Keep the patties in the refrigerator while you prepare the sauce and chop the rest of the ingredients. When warm, the fat in the minced meat will begin to melt faster than it will be on the grill, which means the burger will turn out dry.
  7. Salt the burger patties just before frying. If you add salt directly to the minced meat, sodium chloride will begin to break down protein bonds, and the meat will acquire a dense sausage-like texture. The burger won’t be juicy.
  8. Don’t flip the patties too often. The less you touch them, the juicier they become. First, roast the meat in a direct heat zone, then move to the edge of the grill. While frying, lightly presses down on the cutlet with a spatula. For medium-frying, six minutes are enough. Readiness can be determined with a special thermometer: the temperature inside the cutlet must be at least 70 ° C.
  9. Collect your burger the right way. First, the sauce (on both halves of the roll), then lettuce (on the lower, smaller half), and finally the cutlet. This will prevent the bread from getting wet ahead of time.
  10. Put your knife and fork aside – eat the burger with your hands! With both hands. Press it down well, turn it upside down (so the contents will not fall out), and enjoy the yummy with a juicy cutlet.
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