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10 Secrets To Making Delicious Baking

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These tips will definitely come in handy!

  1. Preheat the oven properly. Get started with an oven thermometer to get an accurate temperature. Wait for the thermometer to point to the number you need before using the oven, and wait another 10–20 minutes. So the temperature is evenly distributed over the oven, the workpiece is baked perfectly.
  2. Bake for less time than the recipe requires. If the cookies have to cook for 8-12 minutes, set the timer for 6-7; if the recipe requires 35-40 minutes for the cake, set it for 30. And don’t go far from the kitchen while your baked goods are in the oven. When you smell a pleasant scent, check it out. Trust your nose more than instructions and avoid burning.
  3. Use a clean, light colored baking dish. In dark, dirty and old dishes, baked goods will burn more. If you have no other options, be sure to use parchment paper.
  4. Use baking paper correctly. Use quality parchment paper to avoid a burnt bottom and unbaked top on the biscuits. If necessary, fold it in two layers – this way it will better retain heat.
  5. Refrigerate baking sheets. Chill the parchment sheets between batches while baking. If you place the dough on a hot surface, the cookies will lose their shape and are more likely to burn. To quickly cool the sheet, dip it under running cold water.
  6. Cook a new batch of cookies on a different sheet. You can use another technique: prepare the next batch of dough in advance on a separate sheet. If you remove a sheet of hot baked goods from a baking sheet and replace it with another one, with a blank, there will be no problems.
  7. Use the parchment sheets several times. You can reuse the baking sheets. Throw them away if you notice any fumes or foul odors.
  8. Roll out the dough before cooling. Before chilling the cookie dough, roll it out between two layers of parchment paper. Then remove the top layer and put the dough in the refrigerator. It will be easy to cut shapes from such a blank, and besides, you will not have to struggle with the sticky cold dough.
  9. Cut the cookies properly. It is better to cut the cookie figures directly on the baking sheet, removing the excess dough. This way you do not have to carry over every piece, and this is a guarantee that the cookies will not be deformed. To keep it even better, freeze the baking sheets for 10-15 minutes.
  10. Make the perfect round cookie. To keep the cookies perfectly round, wrap the dough in parchment or plastic wrap, tuck it into a used paper towel tube and freeze. The resulting sausage will only have to be cut with a knife into equal pieces.
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