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10 Tips for Cooking Fish

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Some tips for cooking fish will be useful to every owner and hostess. So, when preparing fish, it is useful to know the following tricks. Such useful tips were found on the Internet.

  1. Salt fish broth at the very beginning of cooking.
  2. Before you start processing fish and preparing your favorite dish from it, place it in a container with water. If a fish drowns in water, it means that it is fresh, if not, then it is better to discard such fish – it is stale.
  3. The fish will not fall apart during frying if it is cut and salted before cooking for 15 minutes.
  4. To eliminate the strong smell of fish when frying it, place one whole potato in vegetable oil (peeled, washed and sliced).
  5. If the herring is too salty, you should soak it in milk or tea (the liquid will take away the excess salt).
  6. Very salted fish should be soaked in cold water for 4-6 hours. The water needs to be changed every hour or two, but the soaked fish should not be stored.
  7. For crispy fried fish, add a little salt to the hot oil while frying.
  8. Saltwater fish will taste tender if sprinkled with sugar for 30-40 minutes before frying.
  9. It is not recommended to boil the following types of fish for broth – bream, carp, lamprey, eel, since the broth turns out to be bitter from them.
  10. In order for the fish to brown beautifully, you should simply wipe it off with a kitchen towel before frying it.

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