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10 Tips for Cooking Fish Cutlets

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Do you like fish cakes? After our advice, they will definitely not leave you indifferent! 🙂

  1. For the cutlet mass, you can use any fresh or well-soaked salted fish that does not contain small bones.
  2. The most suitable fish for this purpose are cod, pike perch, haddock, catfish, pike, sea bass and burbot, motley catfish, fresh chum salmon.
  3. Fish for cutlet mass, cut into fillets without skin and bones, cut into pieces and pass through a meat grinder.
  4. Stale wheat bread soaked in milk or cold water (without a crust), salt, ground pepper are put into the resulting mass, everything is mixed well and then passed through a meat grinder for the second time.
  5. You can add raw pork fat, fat or butter to the cutlet mass from low-fat fish (50 – 100 g per 1 kg of pulp).
  6. When using raw lard and fat from the insides of the fish, it is passed through a meat grinder together with the fish; the butter is pre-softened and then mixed with the finished cutlet mass.
  7. If fat is not added to the cutlet mass from low-fat fish, then to increase the friability it is recommended to add chilled steamed fish passed through a meat grinder.
  8. To obtain a homogeneous consistency, the cutlet mass is thoroughly stirred.
  9. Cutlets, meatballs, meatballs, zrazy and rolls are prepared from the cutlet mass.
  10. For 1 kg of fish fillets, take 250 g of wheat bread from flour not lower than the first grade, 350 – 400 g of water or milk. 20 g salt, 1 g pepper.
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