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10 Tips for Cooking Salads

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These tips will definitely come in handy when preparing salads!

  1. Vegetables are boiled in salted water to give them a better taste and retain more nutrients.
  2. The larger the vegetables, the less they lose substances during cooking.
  3. Steaming retains more soluble substances in vegetables than boiling in water.
  4. In order for green peas to retain their color during cooking, a little sugar must be added to the water.
  5. It is better to cook vegetables in an enamel or aluminum dish than in a copper or iron one, because vitamins are better preserved in them.
  6. Vegetables should not be ground in a meat grinder; it is better to use an aluminum (plastic) grater.
  7. It is better to cut raw vegetables on a plastic board, as the wooden one absorbs juice.
  8. Fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits are best immersed in boiling water, while vitamins are better preserved.
  9. It is better to cut vegetables for cooking the same thickness, so they will cook at the same time.
  10. Mayonnaise salad and vinaigrette will be more delicious if you put lemon peel in them before use or add a little lemon juice.
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