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10 Tips for Making the Most Delicious Salad

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In the preparation of delicious salads, like any other dish, there are tricks and tricks. To list them all, one page of the site is definitely not enough. A whole book could be written about this. Therefore, I tried to choose only the most basic and useful. Hope these salad dressing tips come in handy for beginners and seasoned chefs alike.

  1. For the preparation of salads, you can use any vegetables – boiled, fresh, salted, pickled, and fruits – fresh, dried, canned. Boiled meat, ham, sausage, eggs are used in meat salads.
  2. Serve salads, especially for the festive table, should be beautifully and neatly laid. To do this, place them in a salad bowl or on a dish without pressing or smoothing the surface.
  3. You need to decorate the salad sparingly so that you can see what it consists of.
  4. If there are several salads on the table, do not decorate them the same way. Show your imagination and your table will amaze with a variety of dishes.
  5. There are different types of salad serving. In a salad bowl, on a platter, in separate portions in small salad bowls, on slices of bread. They are stuffed with other vegetables, such as tomatoes and cucumbers. They are placed in shortcrust pastry baskets or on slices of fried boiled sausage. In some cases, they even make baskets of vegetables, fastening their slices with gelatin at the base.
  6. In no case should you salt and season the salads in advance – they will give juice and spoil quickly, which can lead to poisoning. Do this before serving.
  7. To prevent the apples for the salad from darkening, immediately after peeling and slicing, put them in cold water for 10 minutes.
  8. To prevent the skins of potatoes “in their uniforms” from cracking, pierce each tuber with a fork in several places before cooking.
  9. For dressing tomato salad, it is better to use lemon juice rather than vinegar.
  10. Mayonnaise for salad can be replaced with sour cream by adding pounded egg yolk and a teaspoon of mustard to it.
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