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10 Useful Salad Cooking Tips

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Useful tips when preparing salads to make the salads tasty, beautiful and healthy.

  1. All vegetables for the salad must be cooked separately. Cooked together, they lose their taste and color.
  2. In many salads, potatoes are one of the indispensable ingredients. For this purpose, it is better to cook it in a peel. Beforehand, the tubers must be thoroughly washed (preferably with a brush), filled with hot water, salt (for 1 liter of water – 10 g of salt), brought to a boil and cooked under a lid over low heat until tender. The cooked tuber is easy to pierce.
  3. Potatoes for salad can be boiled with the addition of a tablespoon of vinegar. In this case, it does not darken.
  4. You can steam the peeled potatoes, and to raise the temperature, add 1 – 2 tablespoons of salt to the water.
  5. Fresh vegetables and herbs that make up salads must be washed very well (it is better to wash greens in a large amount of water – afloat). First, they need to be poured with cold water and kept for several minutes so that the motes and sand are soaked. Washed and sorted vegetables and herbs should be rinsed again with water.
  6. The ingredients in salads must be absolutely fresh and well chilled.
  7. When preparing salads from raw vegetables, washed vegetables should be cut immediately before meals and immediately poured with lemon juice or vinegar, which retain vitamin C. A green salad, cut and left in the sun, loses 70 – 80% of its vitamin C in one minute.
  8. Salads will be tastier if the potatoes are boiled in a little water.
  9. Boiled beetroot cut for vinaigrette, before combining with other vegetables, should be greased with vegetable oil, then the vinaigrette will turn out to be more beautiful.
  10. Cucumbers for salad may not be peeled, but they must be washed thoroughly. This should be done just before serving to keep the cucumbers fresh.
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