11 Amazing Facts About Chickpea

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The humble little chickpea is a special plant. There is a lot of evidence for the benefits of chickpea, thanks to which, it is popular to this day. Here are some interesting facts that you might not have guessed about.

  1. Chickpeas first appeared in the Middle East around 7,500 BC. Its popularity quickly spread throughout the world, and soon it began to be grown in almost all ancient civilizations.
  2. Chickpeas are called differently: chickpeas, lamb peas, Egyptian peas, tsetzi pods. It comes in different types, sizes and colors.
  3. This miraculous plant not only provides a valuable crop, but also serves as a natural remedy for destroying wheat and barley diseases.
  4. Scientists are sure that people have “smartened up” thanks to this miracle of peas, which is directly related to the production of serotonin, which ensures the transmission of impulses from cells.
  5. Peas are rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains almost the entire periodic table.
  6. It is believed that eating chickpeas can renew the blood.
  7. Chickpea helps with diabetes, those who have been exposed to radiation, as well as with anemia, arrhythmias, nervousness, dental problems and inflammation of the gums, acne and skin rashes. In addition, it cleans blood vessels and normalizes blood pressure.
  8. After the devastating wars that ended by the beginning of the 9th century, King Charlemagne ordered the sowing of the devastated fields with chickpeas to provide the people with nutritious and healthy food.
  9. There is an Arabic recipe for an aphrodisiac. It was actively used by emirs, going on dates to their numerous wives in harems. The recipe for an Arabian aphrodisiac: squeezed onion juice, honey and puree from chickpeas boiled in camel milk.
  10. The director of “Star Wars” was a big fan of this pea and even gave the name Nut to one of the main characters.
  11. Chickpeas contain the substance methionine, which prevents obesity of internal organs and calms the nervous system.
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