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11 Tips to Diversify and Simplify Your Healthy Salad Preparation

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Salads are a delicious and healthy dish with a huge variety in preparation. However, cooking them often takes a long time. These simple tips can help you save time and add nutritional value to your salad.

  1. MORE COLOR. If you’ve been eating the classic set of iceberg, cherry tomato and feta cheese for a long time, it’s time to change something. Add more colored vegetables or fruits to the salad.
  2. ADD CANNED CHICKPEAS. Firstly, you will save time on cooking regular chickpeas or other ingredients, and secondly, it is delicious! The aroma and flavor of the product can even make you skip the salad dressing.
  3. ADD CEREALS. While many people think that salads should only consist of vegetables or fish, this is not the case. Cereals like quinoa or brown rice will make your salad tastier, fuller, and more fiber-filled.
  4. COOK VEGETABLES IN ADVANCE. If you love eating your favorite salad for dinner, but taking every ingredient out of the refrigerator, washing and cleaning it makes you twitchy, cook the vegetables ahead of time. In your free time, wash and cut them into a container, and when you feel like eating, just take out and mix.
  5. PREPARE SALADS BEFORE. To save even more time, use the previous tip, but do so with the ingredients for several salads so that you have enough for a couple of days.
  6. STORE THE GREENS CORRECTLY. Regardless of whether you buy lettuce and greens from the market or supermarket, proper storage will extend the shelf life of the product. To prevent the leaves from withering or drying, place them in a plastic wrap or container.
  7. FREEZE INGREDIENTS. Sorting and putting food in the freezer in advance will extend their life and save time for yourself. All you need to do is take out and defrost / reheat the food.
  8. MARINATE TOFU. There are tons of easy recipes for pickling tofu. This procedure will add flavor to the salad and shorten the cooking time.
  9. USE A SPECIAL VEGETABLE CLEANER NOT A KNIFE. Firstly, it peels vegetables faster and better, and secondly, if you have a specially shaped cleaner, you will add a little creativity to the salad, even if you get just star-shaped cucumbers.
  10. PREPARE SALAD CONDITIONING YOURSELF. It tastes better and has less calories. The procedure does not take long – choose the ingredients to taste and mix in a blender.
  11. KEEP DRY INGREDIENTS DRY. If your salad includes nuts or croutons, it is best to add them immediately before eating. Dry lettuce leaves in a drier to avoid excessive amounts of water in the lettuce.
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