12 Amazing Facts About Bell Peppers

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Loved by everyone for the variety of shapes, colors, tastes. Quite cute and desirable on the dinner table, both raw and cooked.

  1. Sweet peppers are loved by many people from different countries, and this is not surprising, since pepper gives a special taste to dishes. This vegetable is especially appreciated by gourmets, almost all dishes contain sweet peppers.
  2. Pepper is considered an annual herb of the nightshade family. Many summer residents grow it on their plots and successfully reap a huge harvest.
  3. The fruit of the pepper is hollow and has a huge number of small seeds, the color of the pepper is very different: red, yellow, orange, and green.
  4. In some tropical regions of America, pepper is found in the wild, which is why America is the birthplace of sweet pepper. There are four types of sweet pepper in total: Peruvian, pubescent, Mexican, and Colombian.
  5. Bell peppers contain a huge amount of ascorbic acid, the pulp of red pepper contains a lot of vitamin C, in comparison with lemon it is much more in pepper than in citrus. It is enough for a person to eat half a pepper pod without seeds to replenish the supply of vitamin C for a day. But, unfortunately, during heat treatment, vitamin C is completely destroyed, therefore, it is advisable to use sweet peppers fresh.
  6. Pepper is also rich in vitamins B, P, and PP, carotene. Among the mineral salts in the composition of sweet pepper can be found sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, iodine, fluorine, etc.
  7. A substance called capsaicin, which is found in peppers, increases appetite. The juice is made from sweet pepper and, together with carrot juice, it perfectly quenches thirst and helps to cope with eye fatigue, increases hair growth, and strengthens nails.
  8. Carotene helps people cope with depression, insomnia, and memory impairment. Sweet peppers are also useful for people who suffer from diabetes.
  9. And ascorbic acid in combination with vitamin P perfectly strengthens blood vessels. Pepper is especially helpful for anemia, which has begun to occur in many people.
  10. Do not forget that with low immunity in spring and autumn, pepper is especially important in the diet. Also, regular consumption of pepper improves gastric motility and soothes the nerves.
  11. Red bell peppers are high in lycopene, which inhibits the formation of cancer cells.
  12. Bell peppers are considered a low-calorie vegetable, so with proper nutrition, people who are overweight can count on them.
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