12 Amazing Facts About Cucumbers

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Cucumbers are vegetables that many of us regularly eat. You cannot call them deficient – you can buy cucumbers in almost any store and at any time of the year. They occupy an important place in the culinary traditions of many countries. What do you know about Cucumbers?

  1. More than 95% of a cucumber is water.
  2. The homeland of cucumbers is the foot of the Himalayan mountains. There, cucumbers still grow in the wild by themselves.
  3. Cucumbers and melons share common ancestors.
  4. The history of cucumber as a vegetable grown for food goes back more than six thousand years.
  5. In Ecuador, there are cucumbers the size of a squash.
  6. In the United Arab Emirates, breeders bred cucumbers with square fruits.
  7. A kilogram of cucumbers contains only about 150 calories, which makes this vegetable a dietary product.
  8. The French emperor Napoleon promised a great reward to anyone who figured out how to keep cucumbers fresh during long military campaigns.
  9. The thorns on young cucumbers serve to remove excess moisture from the fruit.
  10. Cucumbers are mentioned in the Bible.
  11. The ancient Egyptians placed cucumbers in the tombs of their pharaohs along with other valuable gifts.
  12. The first ever greenhouses for year-round cultivation of cucumbers were built in ancient Rome for the emperor Tiberius, who wanted to eat these vegetables every day.
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