12 Cooking Secrets How to Cook Meat Steak

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There are certain subtleties that relate to the choice of meat and various culinary methods of toasting, the knowledge of which will help in mastering this virtuoso art. So, let’s try to cook meat steak at home!

  1. The most important rule of steak cooking is choosing the right meat. Initially, steaks were prepared from beef, so if they say “steak”, then they mean exactly a dish of beef. For other meat, clarification is required, so in this case, they write pork, chicken, salmon steak, and so on. But true steak connoisseurs argue that steaks made from any meat other than beef are not steaks.
  2. They say that the most delicious steaks are obtained from slightly dried meat. The most important thing is that the meat is not steamed, otherwise, the steak will turn out to be tough, and its taste, which is just provided by fermentation, will not be so rich and rich.
  3. The meat should be removed from the refrigerator about an hour before cooking to bring it to room temperature. This is necessary to evenly grill the steak.
  4. You can quickly and deliciously cook a steak in the oven, the Josper charcoal grill oven, on an open grill, and on a grill pan in which the meat does not burn and acquires an appetizing pattern.
  5. Some cooks mix the two oils for the best result, but steaks are ideal in ghee that does not burn and is mild in flavor.
  6. The main rule for preparing a steak is that at first it is fried very quickly in a hot pan until crusty, and then it is brought to readiness over a slower heat.
  7. The fact is that the protein curls up under the influence of high temperature and does not allow the juice to flow out of the meat.
  8. Before frying, some cooks dry the steak for an hour in the oven at a temperature of 60 ° C, since the dried meat instantly gives a dense golden brown crust when frying. If you neglect this rule, the steak will be dry and tough.
  9. When doing this, do not forget to fry the sides of the steak as well, holding it for convenience with meat tongs.
  10. A steak covered with a dense crust on all sides will cook well and remain juicy. This is one of the main steak cooking tricks.
  11. Do not overdo it with the fire and do not bring the pan to the point that it starts to smoke, because if the steak burns, you will not be able to continue frying, and it will turn out raw.
  12. An important secret of steak preparation is to give it a “rest” and recover from intense frying. To do this, place a piece of butter on the steak, cover it loosely with foil and leave for 10 minutes. The longer the steak “rests”, the tastier, more aromatic, and tender it will turn out.
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