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12 Cool Tips for Making the Best Salads

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Salad is a light, tasty and nutritious dish. Salads can be independent dishes or serve as a side dish for meat, fish or poultry. Both its taste and appearance depend on how the salad is prepared, and therefore it is worth following some simple rules for preparing salads.

  1. It is better to cook salads in glass, enamel or ceramic dishes.
  2. Vegetables for salad are cut there finer, the denser their tissue.
  3. All raw vegetable salads are best prepared just before serving, rather than beforehand.
  4. It is better to heat vegetables in a gentle way: either cook in a little water, or simmer in a little fat.
  5. It is better to cook potatoes, beets and carrots immediately before preparing the salad unpeeled, this way vitamin C is better preserved.
  6. Cooked vegetables should be stored unpeeled, and peeled immediately before preparing the salad.
  7. Products cooked for salad must be cooled. Do not mix warm foods with cold ones.
  8. Quick-frozen vegetables need to be cooked without defrosting for 10-15 minutes.
  9. For dressing salads, in addition to sour cream and mayonnaise, vegetable oil is used in pure form or mixed with vinegar, salt, sugar and pepper. To give different flavors, mustard, a variety of hot and tomato sauces are added to salad dressings.
  10. Sauces and condiments not only improve the flavor of the salad. The fat in them protects vitamins from destruction. Salt should be salted before serving, and vegetable oil is added to the salad only after it has been salted, vinegar and pepper have been added.
  11. Salad should be seasoned with mayonnaise or sour cream just before meals.
  12. Ready-made salads are transferred from the bowl in which it was seasoned to clean salad bowls, trying not to stain the edges of the dishes, and decorated with herbs or decorations cut from the products that make up the salad.
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