12 Amazing Facts About Mustards

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This is a favorite seasoning on our table, especially when combined with meat dishes. Its taste has been appreciated for a long time. It has not lost its popularity today. What do you know about Mustard?

  1. Mustard from the cabbage family (not to be confused with cabbage), which includes herbs, occasionally shrubs or shrubs.
  2. The Latin name Sinapis goes back to the Greek words meaning “harm to vision”: when the seeds are rubbed, lacrimation begins.
  3. A mustard seed does not exceed 1.1 mm in diameter, and a black mustard bush can reach 3 m in height.
  4. The first known mustard seasoning dates back to 42 AD.
  5. Mustard did not immediately become a food crop, at first, it was used as a medicine.
  6. Pope John XXII (13-14 centuries) added mustard to all dishes in a row.
  7. For German brides, a mustard seed is sewn into a veil for a lasting marriage.
  8. India is the largest mustard cultivation center.
  9. It is most popular in Europe.
  10. There are a couple of dozen varieties of Dijon mustard. But usually, by moutarde de Dijon they mean mustard on white wine.
  11. During Oktoberfest Germans pour Munich mustard on Bavarian sausages: it tastes fresh and can sweeten by adding caramel syrup.
  12. During cooking, the British add apple juice to it. Italians are coarsely chopped fruits. Americans make incredibly liquid mustard, to which they add a lot of sugar.
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