13 Gorgeous Facts About Sweetie

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Although the sweet’s biography is only a few decades old, this unusual fruit has already gained a whole army of fans. True, for domestic consumers this selection product is still unusual, but many are already looking at it with interest when they see the green giant on store shelves.

Indeed, the dimensions of this representative of citrus crops are striking in their scale: the size of one fruit is equivalent to two large apples. But this miracle of selection amazes not only with its parameters. The exotic fruit has a rich composition, so it is good for human health. But since Sweetie is not familiar to the general public, it’s time to introduce him.

  1. Indeed, the main characteristic of the sweets is its sweetish pleasant taste. But this is not the only name for the fruit. The fruit is often called “pomelo” because it resembles its relative, the pomelo. American farmers call it in the Spanish manner – “oroblanco” or in literal translation – “white gold”.
  2. However, any name does not change the unique composition and beneficial properties of the tropical fruit, which was born thanks to the efforts of Israeli scientists. The breeders decided to cross a grapefruit and a pomelo, and as a result, they got a hybrid in which all the best qualities of the “parents” were combined. The exact date of the experiment has not been established, but the fact that Israeli scientists in 1984 applied for a patent to the University of California is a known fact.
  3. True, the Americans decided to use the novelty for their own commercial purposes. They began to study the Israeli product in their own laboratories. Then very quickly, enterprising farmers took over the initiative and began to grow the Israeli hybrid. All these events affected the fate of oroblanco, and many lovers of citrus fruits still believe that the birthplace of this unusual fruit is America, not Israel.
  4. Since sweetie is a direct descendant of white grapefruit and pomelo, its basic characteristics are largely the same as those of these two citrus fruits. As a product of selection, Oroblanko surpasses its parents in some respects.
  5. Besides, Oroblanko contains more enzymes that can break down fats than pomelo. Although pomelo also has such abilities, given the more pleasant taste of the selected fruit, nutritionists recommend that it be included in the nutritional diet of sick and losing weight people.
  6. To this list of benefits, it is worth adding a large percentage of essential oils. There are especially many of these useful components in the peel of the fruit. Even with a short contact with the fruit, traces of fat that are difficult to wash off remain on the hands.
  7. The chemical composition of the citrus hybrid is a well-balanced formula of a huge number of nutrients. In total, this set includes several dozen components that the human body needs.
  8. The energy value of tropical fruit is in the range of 50-60 kcal, which is considered an excellent indicator for inclusion in the diet of obese people. But those who do not experience serious problems in this matter, but simply want to improve their body shape, can also supplement the menu with light meals with the participation of this low-calorie product.
  9. To date, the Sweetie is well studied. At the beginning of this century, the famous researcher Shela Gorinstein conducted clinical tests on 72 patients with high levels of harmful cholesterol. All volunteers were divided into three groups. For a whole month, the first group was given daily 100 ml of fresh fruit juice, the second – 200 ml. Participants of the third group did not receive juice at all.
  10. The results of the experiment showed that in the patients who took the largest amount of juice, the content of proteins in the blood, which are involved in the formation of blood clots, decreased. Therefore, tropical fruit juice is quite suitable as a prophylactic agent for the prevention of various cardiovascular pathologies.
  11. Fruit peel oil is an excellent anti-cellulite and anti-stress agent. And a bath with sweetie peel will instantly relieve fatigue and charge you with vital energy.
  12. The anti-cancer property will help prevent the development of oncology, and if a man drinks half a glass of fresh polite juice every day, such a diet will benefit the heart and cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol. After all, it has long been proven that the male part of the population is more susceptible to cardiovascular pathologies than women.
  13. Since sweetie promotes the active removal of toxic products from the body, it must be consumed by people employed in hazardous industries, as well as by those who live in regions with an unfavorable environmental situation.

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