13 Terrific Facts About Durian

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Recently, various exotic fruits have begun to gain more and more popularity. At least those that can tolerate long-term transportation and storage. But there is one special fruit that has remained inaccessible to our fellow citizens.

  1. The durian fruit is a very unusual product that is gaining more and more popularity. He came to us from Asia, where it has been growing for several hundred years. The product is in great demand in South America, India, Malaysia.
  2. It is a fairly large ball, covered with spiny skin with spines. It has a unique composition, which includes a lot of useful elements necessary for human health.
  3. The main distinguishing feature of durian is an incredibly disgusting smell, because of which it rightfully ranks first in the ranking of the most unpleasant smelling products. However, the unbearable aroma does not affect the taste in any way.
  4. The delicate creamy pulp of the fruit has notes of walnut, banana, strawberry, and buttercream. This strange combination of a very delicate taste and an unbearable smell has not yet been solved even by scientists. However, you should definitely try the fruit.
  5. It has no cholesterol at all, with an extremely high-fat content for a plant.
  6. It contains the essential amino acid tryptophan, which can only be found in some animal products.
  7. It is rich in copper, iron, and manganese, which makes it extremely useful for people who have problems with hematopoiesis.
  8. It is rich in simple sugars and fructose, vitamin C, and other vitamins, which is why it is often given to weakened children with a lack of body weight.
  9. The ripe fruit is 20 cm in diameter and reaches 3 kg. There are instances of the size of a soccer ball. Durians do not pluck from trees but wait for them to fall to the ground. Unripe fruits are cooked and included in all kinds of dishes.
  10. The main rule is that durian can be eaten no later than 2-3 days after ripening since the creamy pulp becomes slippery.
  11. Picking unripe fruit is very dangerous and pickers must wear a helmet. It’s just that the flesh of the fruit is hidden under a thick peel with many thorns. And falling on the head of such a ball with spikes weighing 2-8 kg is fraught with unpleasant consequences.
  12. Even the durian tree blooms unusually. Flowers with long legs grow directly on the trunk or thick branches. And quite often, besides bees, bats become their pollinators.
  13. Due to the smell of durian fruits, in many states, it is forbidden to bring in and eat in public transport, hotels, and other institutions, which is warned about by special stickers on the doors. Also, durian is practically not exported to other countries. Unless the fruit is picked unripe and stored during transportation.

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