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13 Tips on How to Cook a Steak in a Pan

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Cooking delicious, juicy steaks at home is a snap. It is necessary to learn and clearly follow certain rules. They will help to avoid the difficulties faced by both beginners and experienced chefs.

  1. Cooking a steak is allowed only from fresh, refrigerated products. If the meat has been previously frozen, it should be allowed to thaw overnight.
  2. Before you start creating culinary masterpieces, the meat is heated at room temperature for several hours. Subsequently, it will be much easier to control the uniformity and degree of roasting.
  3. The meat should not be wet, so it is wiped dry with paper towels before cooking.
  4. The width of the meat is of no small importance. The ideal piece of steak is 2.5 to 4 centimeters in size.
  5. When cutting meat yourself, you need to move the knife across the fibers.
  6. Do not place more than 2 pieces of steak in the skillet, as the more there is on the surface, the lower the frying temperature will be, and this will lead to excessive juicing.
  7. Do not be afraid to season the meat well, because exactly “that” restaurant taste is achieved precisely due to the abundance of used seasonings.
  8. The frying process is best done in a heavy pan. This will make it easier to control the process. If it is not a cast-iron product, it is better to warm it up well, but avoid the appearance of smoke, otherwise, the steak will burn before it is cooked inside.
  9. Begin to fry the meat on a high and then at a moderate temperature. This approach ensures uniform roasting, rich taste, and color of the dish. The protein on the surface of the meat curls up and prevents the loss of juice.
  10. A good cook knows how long to fry a beef steak! According to cooking rules, a medium-rare steak takes 4 minutes on each side. With blood, it will fry from 1 to 3, for medium roasting it takes about 3 minutes each, and 6-8 minutes from each side – for a full one.
  11. Do not use forks when turning the steak. This can lead to loss of fluid, so it is best to use special cooking tools.
  12. If in doubt about the readiness of the meat, you can control the process with your fingers. The softer and more pliable it is when touched, the more blood is inside. Be careful not to burn yourself.
  13. Serving meat is desirable on warm plates. In this case, the knives must be sharp.
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