14 Brilliant Facts About Lime

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The lime fruit has been tried by many, but not everyone knows about its beneficial properties. It is a citrus fruit, very similar to lemon, the fruit has a beneficial effect on the liver. When it is necessary to prevent diseases of this organ or to cure an already affected liver, then green lime is added to food. You can use the fruit as a drink or juice.

  1. It contains a huge amount of vitamin C. It has anti-carcinogenic properties, the fruit can stimulate digestion. Lime green is a healing fruit for everyone who wants to improve their health and maintain immunity at the level.
  2. Note! Many people have an allergic reaction to this product, before adding it to food – get an allergy test.
  3. The 17-18 centuries remained in the memory of many people not only with great historical campaigns and conquests but also with diseases that afflict people for two centuries. One of these ailments is scurvy (lack of vitamin C in the body). People were dying and no one could help them. Already at the end of the 18th century, a doctor from Great Britain discovered that green lime has medicinal properties, it prevents this disease.
  4. It was from this time that British sailors began to take lime juice and the fruit itself to the ship. Also, the sailors of England began to be called Limes.
  5. Many people have heard that lime not only protects the liver but also prevents the formation of cancers in the body. How exactly this process takes place is not clear, but scientists have proven that the limonoids contained in it are capable of such reactions.
  6. The limonoids in lime green remain active for much longer than green tea or dark chocolate. A large amount of flavonoids in the product has a positive effect on the digestive tract, they help to remove acids and bile from the body. The latter is produced by the liver and is intended in the body to assimilate fats in the bloodstream. That is, the accumulation of fat in the organs is prevented, especially in the liver and circulatory system.
  7. By adding lime to your diet, you will improve the functioning of your body, cleanse your liver, make it healthier and stronger, and generally improve your immunity.
  8. Lime fruits in the photo are similar to unripe lemons: small 4-5 centimeters in diameter, round or oval, depending on the variety. The rind is bright green and shiny. Sometimes unripe fruit has yellow spots, which affects the taste – the pulp is very sour and less juicy.
  9. Lime pulp is light green and very juicy, practically without seeds. The juice is light green, the taste is sour or sweet and sour. Piquant bitterness is a characteristic of the fruit, the zest has a pleasant pine aroma.
  10. The juicy pulp of lime is 85% water. The peel contains essential substances that are widely used in the pharmaceutical and perfume industries.
  11. The low-calorie content of lime has made the fruit one of the most popular in the diet for losing weight. The pulp contains only 2 grams of sugar per 100 grams, citrus is recommended for people with diabetes and those who follow a low-carb diet.
  12. All citrus fruits contain vitamin C, which gives them their characteristic sourness and pronounced aroma. Lime pulp is rich in ascorbic acid and other beneficial nutrients.
  13. For a long time, it has been believed that lime is an unripe lemon. In fact, in tropical countries, there are more than two dozen varieties. Lemons do not grow well in humid climates, which is why lime is the main citrus fruit in many countries of South America and Asia.
  14. After juicing, add the peel to the water bottle and let it sit overnight. In 6-8 hours, you will get a healthy aromatic drink for morning consumption 15 minutes before meals.
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