15 Amazing Facts About Celery

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Celery is a common plant that many grow in their backyards, and its stems can be purchased at many supermarkets. What interesting things can you learn about celery?

  1. Celery is classified as a “negative calorie” plant. How can this be? The fact is that the calorie content of celery is only 19 kcal per 100 grams. And the body spends about 25 kcal for processing these 100 grams of celery, so it turns out – I ate celery – I spent calories. Therefore, celery is a favorite plant for everyone who wants to become slim, even there is such a diet – celery.
  2. Celery contains unique polysaccharides that have pronounced anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, people who consume celery regularly are less likely to get colds and infectious diseases.
  3. Celery gives not only slimness, but also youth, as it contains a large amount of active antioxidants that protect all cells of the body from damage. This slows down aging and prevents the development of neoplasms.
  4. The nutrients in celery are retained if steamed for 10 minutes. If you boil or fry, even for a shorter time, the concentration of nutrients drops by half.
  5. Fresh celery retains its properties for about a week after harvest, then its benefits diminish. If you chopped celery, then you need to consume it within half an hour, then the taste will remain, and the benefits will disappear.
  6. Some researchers believe that the love drink prepared for Tristan and Isolde consisted of 100 grams of celery juice, 50 grams of apple juice and 50 grams of pear juice. The components are simple and affordable, and how effective is easy to test for yourself.
  7. Celery, due to the pectins contained in it, helps to quickly get rid of toxins, harmful substances that have entered the human body as a result of infection, radiation, smoking, alcohol and drugs.
  8. The quality of stalked celery is quite simple to determine: you need to break the stalk. If this action is accompanied by a bright crunch, the celery is of high quality, if there is no crunch, it is of poor quality.
  9. Celery grows on all continents except Antarctica, of course. And even there it, in principle, can be grown in pots.
  10. How would you react if you were awarded a celery wreath? But the ancient Greeks were happy. It was the celery wreath that was awarded to the winner of the Nemean Games.
  11. Celery is divided into leaf, petiole and root, depending on the selection, which implies obtaining more pronounced qualities of a certain part of the plant.
  12. Since ancient times, healers have recommended weakened people take a tablespoon of celery juice mixed with a teaspoon of honey. This increased physical strength and immunity. Even now, many consider the honey-celery mixture to be the best vitamin complex.
  13. Celery has its own capital. Remember the address: USA, Colorado, the city of Arvada.
  14. Celery, which acts as an aphrodisiac for both women and men, still has a greater influence on men, as it has the ability to enhance potency. Casanova is said to have consumed celery dishes on a daily basis so as not to disappoint his fans. And the famous courtesan Madame de Pompadour, who was the mistress of King Louis XV himself, always regaled him with celery soup and drank celery juice prepared with her own hands, so that the king would experience the most vivid feelings of “close relationship” with her.
  15. Chinese healers use celery as a remedy for high blood pressure. Nowadays, nutritionists confirm: celery is very useful for people suffering from hypertension. In addition to antihypertensive properties, celery also normalizes blood cholesterol levels, which is very useful not only for hypertensive patients.
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