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15 Tips for Cooking Cool Fish

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No holiday is complete without fish. Following these tips, you will have the most delicious fish on your holiday! 🙂

  1. Cook fish in a sealed container so that moisture does not evaporate unnecessarily.
  2. When frying fish, you can add a few pieces of raw potatoes to boiling vegetable oil. It will eliminate unpleasant roasting odors.
  3. Fish dishes can be served with lemon slices, sliced tomatoes, various dressings, and sauces.
  4. Thick-bottomed pans are good for frying fish.
  5. To prevent the fish from falling apart during frying, it is salted 15 minutes before cooking.
  6. You need to bake fish dishes in a highly heated oven.
  7. The cutlet mass is prepared from low-bone fish, minced fish is prepared only before cooking. Fish cakes will be tastier if you add finely chopped fried onions to the minced meat.
  8. Fish will not stick to the pan when frying if you add a little salt to the vegetable oil.
  9. For cooking 1 kg of fish, take 2 liters of water. The fish broth is salted at the beginning of cooking. Whole cooked fish is juicier and tastier, and steamed fish tastes better than boiled in water.
  10. When boiling, fish soup is cleaned, but scales and fins are not removed. The prepared fish is placed in cold water and very slowly, in 30-40 minutes, brought to a boil. When heated slowly, the fins (partially) and scales (completely) dissolve, giving the ear a density and a unique broth. When heated quickly, they brew and become tough, insoluble. With slow heating, the ear is ready 3-5 minutes after boiling.
  11. When cooking fish soup, it is useful to pour in from 50 ml to 100 ml of vodka per liter before heating.
  12. Small fish should be placed in boiling water for cooking, large fish in cold water. To boil the fish soup, the fish is placed in cold water, removing the eyes and gills.
  13. Pike perch, carp, pike, cut into pieces, boil for 15-20 minutes; fish weighing over 1 kg is cooked for about 1 hour.
  14. The most delicious fish soup is obtained from fresh ruffs, tench and perch.
  15. Sometimes, to improve the taste of the broth, add cucumber pickle or put a pod of fresh sweet pepper, dill, and an onion.
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