17 Tasty Facts About Tangelo

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Tangelos are considered to be a type of tangerine and are noted for their juiciness and mildly sweet flavor. Tangelos (Citrus paradisi x Citrus reticulata) are hybrids of the tangerine and either the pomelo or the grapefruit. The first fruit hybrid was produced by Dr. Walter T. Swingle and Dr. Herbert J. Webber in 1911, and has been available in the market ever since.

  1. While it’s often erroneously believed to be genetically modified, the tangelo is actually a product of natural hybridization and does not require genetic manipulation for its production.
  2. Compared to oranges, tangerines are smaller in size and have a looser peel, which is easy to remove. These characteristics of tangerines make them an ideal snack.
  3. Tangelos are also widely known as the honeybell fruit, which is a hybrid fruit.
  4. They are a cross between the pomelo/grapefruit, and the mandarin orange.
  5. The Minneola variety is identified by its knob-like formation at the stem, and its deep orange color.
  6. Mandarin oranges are a cross between a tangerine and an orange.
  7. Tangerines have a deep orange color too, and a pebbly texture peel which is easy to remove.
  8. You can enjoy the fruit raw, cook it, add it to salads, etc.
  9. It is best eaten raw and is easy to peel. You can have the fruit or its juice during breakfast.
  10. Fresh and raw pieces can also be added to salads.
  11. You can use tangelos for recipes that require oranges for cooking but make sure you add them near the end of the cooking time so the fruits don’t break down.
  12. One of the most asked questions about this fruit is, “Do tangelos have seeds?” It’s interesting that unlike other citrus fruits, tangelos actually have little to no seeds. The amount of seeds largely depends on the environment where the trees thrive.
  13. Tangelo trees that are surrounded by other trees of their kind often produce fruits that have little to no seeds, while tangelo trees that are near tangerine or orange trees often contain small seeds.
  14. Aside from their sweet and zesty taste, another reason that you should consider eating tangelos is that they can offer you a handful of health benefits.  
  15. Tangelos, being the hybrid of the tangerine and pomelo/grapefruit, contain the nutritional benefits of both of these fruits.
  16. The tangelo fruit has been used in jams, marmalade, and cakes, and has also been included in salads and main dishes. Sliced segments of the fruit are also used as a decorative garnish, while its juice can provide a tangy twist to marinades and sauces. 
  17. Tangelos can also be used as a substitute for mandarin oranges, grapefruits, and even lemons.
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