18 Interesting Facts About Oranges

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Who among us has never tasted an orange at least once in our life? Now it’s time to find out not only its taste but also interesting facts about this amazing berry.

  1. Orange is a type of berry, namely Hesperides (peeled berries).
  2. The sour orange was first introduced to Europe by Portuguese sailors around the 10th century, while the sweet orange was introduced only in the 15th century by Genoese traders.
  3. Around 20 percent of all oranges grown in the world are sold and consumed as fresh fruit. The rest goes to the production of juices, extracts, and canned food.
  4. An orange tree can live up to a hundred years.
  5. Washington Navel oranges are seedless and therefore cannot reproduce by pollination and reproduce only by grafting.
  6. One citrus tree can have up to 60 thousand flowers, but only 1 percent produces fruits.
  7. Valencia oranges are the most common in the world.
  8. Oranges are considered a symbol of fertility – a lushly growing evergreen orange tree simultaneously blooms, fructifies, and dissolves foliage.
  9. You will have to eat 7 bowls of cornflakes to get as much fiber as a single orange.
  10. After the aromas of chocolate and vanilla, the scent of orange is recognized as the most pleasant in the world.
  11. Oranges are the most common citruses in the world.
  12. For the first time, orange trees were grown in China.
  13. The average person eats about 5.5 kg of citrus fruits annually, most of which are oranges.
  14. In the 18th century, British sailors, in addition to sauerkraut, took oranges with them on ships so as not to get scurvy.
  15. One orange contains the daily requirement of vitamin C.
  16. Several trees can grow from one orange seed.
  17. Orange trees and their fruits are considered a symbol of love in many cultures. In Renaissance wedding paintings, artists often depicted a couple in love standing in the middle of orange trees.
  18. Oranges in ancient times were considered the food of the gods. The golden apples that Hercules stole could well have meant oranges.
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