22 Amazing Facts About Carrots

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Carrots are a widespread product all over the world. It is valued not only for its beneficial properties but also for its pleasant taste, rightfully being an ingredient in dishes in the cuisines of various nations of the world. Long centuries of a selection made this vegetable sweet and tasty, although initially people only ate carrot seeds and tops for food.

Harvesting bunch of fresh washed carrot on the old wooden background
  1. It is not known for certain where carrots began their distribution around the world, but most researchers are inclined to believe that they first appeared on the territory of modern Afghanistan.
  2. Until the 17th century, carrots were tough, bitter, and purple. But thanks to the efforts of breeders, it acquired the form that it has now.
  3. Eating large amounts of carrots can change the color of the skin, adding a yellowish-orange tint to it. In the case of birds, the same will happen with plumage.
  4. This root vegetable significantly lowers blood cholesterol levels.
  5. In the USA, in the town of Holleville, once a year there is a carrot festival. What they just don’t do with her – they decorate the city for her, and eat, and throw at targets …
  6. As a result of heat treatment, carrots lose some of the nutrients, but they are better absorbed.
  7. The longest carrot ever grown was 584 centimeters long – almost six meters.
  8. Carrots, if chewed thoroughly, may well replace a toothbrush and toothpaste, perfectly cleaning teeth and gums.
  9. In many European countries, it is considered a fruit, not a vegetable.
  10. Carrot jam is extremely popular in Portugal.
  11. Fried carrots can be used to brew a drink that tastes like coffee.
  12. In nonsmokers, carrots reduce the risk of lung cancer, while in smokers, on the contrary, it increases.
  13. Freshly squeezed carrot juice is very rich in antiseptics, and if consumed regularly, it significantly reduces the risk of a heart attack.
  14. Eating carrots in moderation helps you tan faster in the sun as it speeds up the production of melanin.
  15. The most massive carrot weighing 8.61 kg was grown in the USA, Alaska.
  16. The first officially registered variety of carrots was developed in the 16th century in the Netherlands.
  17. Carrots contain a record amount of vitamin A.
  18. Carrots are the most commonly eaten taproot vegetable.
  19. In India, carrots are an ingredient in many different sweet desserts.
  20. The voice of the popular cartoon character, Bugs Bunny the rabbit, known for his love of carrots, has always said that he hates carrots.
  21. The diet of elephants kept in the zoo includes up to 5 kilograms of carrots daily.
  22. The United States ranks first in the world in the production and processing of this root vegetable, as well as in its consumption per capita per year – the average American annually consumes about 4.8 kilograms of carrots in one form or another.
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