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4 Important Tips For Cooking Pizza

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The correct creation of any dish includes not only the exact adherence to the recipe and the impeccable implementation of culinary technologies. Various nuances are essential, some of which cannot be found even in professional textbooks. This is understandable because some details of the processes are real secrets that specialists do not want to disclose.
We will not be able to reveal all the secrets, but we will try to give a few illustrative examples that will be useful in practice and will help you better understand how you can make great pizza.

  1. Dough for the base. For its preparation, it is better to use flour with a sufficiently high gluten content in it. The domestic first grade is not good enough: not all producers strictly follow the standards; excess protein makes the cake too porous and fluffy. If you use suitable Italian flour, then it should be noted that in classical technologies it is recommended to exclude olive oil from the ingredients of the dough. Some of the newer treatments offer specific supplements, such as semolina.
  2. When creating a base, the kneading process should be interrupted as soon as you feel the excessive elasticity of the dough. Professionals recommend performing this operation in the evening and then leaving the workpiece overnight to settle. If you can’t stretch it manually to form a crust, you can use a rolling pin. The thickness of such a base should not exceed 5-8 mm.
  3. Filling. It should not, in any case, be placed in the center of the future dish, “slide”. Uniform distribution over the entire area in terms of height and composition of components is required. The only exceptions are special types of pizza, “Four cheeses”, “Assorted”, which use sectors with different fillings. To prevent delicate greens and other “delicate” ingredients from burning during cooking, they should be covered with foods that are less sensitive to high temperatures. To do this, you can use cheese that melts at a relatively low temperature.
  4. Since the pizza is created in a well-preheated oven, check the readiness as often as possible. Make sure that the sight glass is perfectly clean because the cabinet door must not be opened until the end of the process.
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