5 Anti-Hangover Foods

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Those who wake up the next morning after a night of partying with lots of cocktails are often plagued by headaches and nausea – a hangover has crept in. These anti-hangover foods will help get you going again!


The Korean superfood has long been known to trendsetters and describes any vegetable that is prepared or fermented by lactic acid fermentation. The best known is the kimchi variant with Chinese cabbage, but other varieties such as radish or cucumber can also be fermented.

The anti-hangover food kimchi should be eaten before or after a big party because the probiotics and B vitamins it contains help against nausea, and headaches and gets the intestines going again.


A hot broth not only warms the entire body but is also good for the stomach. The anti-hangover food provides the body with salt, which helps make up for the nutrient loss of the previous night. Even if you don’t feel like eating: spooning a broth is always possible!


Parsley can be sprinkled over the broth or made into delicious cream cheese. This anti-hangover food provides important nutrients such as vitamins and traces elements that the body urgently needs. Another benefit: chewing the parsley leaves neutralizes bad breath.


After a long night of drinking, drinking water is very important. Juice spritzers are also suitable as a liquid supplier for the day after and are an anti-hangover food. This counteracts dehydration and the body slowly gets going again. Tip: Drink a glass of water every now and then during the party night. This will help prevent a hangover.


The good is at the root: Ginger is definitely an anti-hangover food because it helps with nausea. It also stimulates the production of gastric juices and has a calming effect on the nervous system. Hot ginger tea is best brewed in the morning after the party. This provides the body with additional fluids.

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