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5 Cool Tips on How to Make Pizza

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Pizza preparation has been familiar to us for a long time. Over time, the recipe for making pizza has not changed dramatically, only the range of filling has expanded, and each chef has his own secrets in cooking. The main ingredients of the pizza are cheese and tomato paste. Even schoolchildren know how to make pizza with these ingredients.

  1. Better to use two types of cheese – hard and soft. Put soft cheese in a small amount on the sauce, but it is better to grate hard cheese on the pizza with a top layer. Using homemade sauce will greatly improve the taste of the pizza and make it taste the most individual, allowing you to use your favorite spices and herbs. Basil and “oregano” will be the key to the taste of pizza.
  2. It is necessary to cook pizza at high temperatures, which ensures fast cooking. In addition, either vegetable is used as a filling, which does not require a long cooking time, or meat brought to a half-cooked level in a pan.
  3. The use of olive oil adds a certain flavor to the cooked pizza. Provided that natural olive oil is taken. You can knead the pizza dough in a food processor, but manual kneading is preferable in this case. Pizza yeast dough is most common in recipes and uses raw yeast. You can replace natural yeast with dry, which will speed up the dough preparation process.
  4. The simplicity of preparation and the variety of flavors of pizza makes it more and more popular. Baking pizza takes a little time, most of the time is spent making the dough and filling. The taste of pizza directly depends on the taste of the dough.
  5. All food products at hand can be a filling in pizza: just tomatoes, tomatoes combined with smoked or boiled sausage, fried chicken and champignons, bell peppers, various seafood.
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