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5 Meat Eaters Notes How to Make the Perfect Steak

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Filet mignon, ribeye, chateaubriand … Even if you are not a “meat-eater”, then from these words, for sure, you want to immediately eat a delicious and juicy steak. Where to buy the right meat, how to cook it, and what to serve with – we asked the chefs of fashionable Moscow restaurants.

  1. For the preparation of marbled steaks (Ribeye, Striploin, New York), you need to use a minimum amount of oil, giving preference to olive oil. The cooking technology is quite simple. Place the meat in a well-heated frying pan and fry for 2-3 minutes on each side, then reduce the heat to low, cover the steak with a lid and let it stand for another 1-2 minutes. Please note that the longer we leave the steak covered, the higher the degree of doneness will be. For marbled steaks, medium to medium-well roast is best. At the end of cooking, you can add garlic, rosemary, thyme, or chili pepper.
  2. Lean tenderloin steaks (Mignon, Chateaubriand) are prepared using the same technology, but with a lot of oil. After we fry the steak on both sides and it acquires a golden crust, add butter to the pan and reduce the temperature to medium. We continue to fry the meat in a mixture of butter and olive oil, constantly pouring it with the juice that comes out of the steak itself. This will give the steak the correct finish.
  3. The degree of readiness of meat is perceived differently by everyone. For some, meat with blood is ready, for others it is unacceptable. So rely on your taste here. You can also use a thermal needle (electronic probe) or, even easier, cut into the middle piece of meat. You can also determine with the help of your hand (this method is usually used by chefs since incised meat in a restaurant indicates the low skill of a brazier chef).
  4. And one more simple way: If you spread your palm, relax your hand and press with the index finger of your other hand on the soft area between the thumb and the base of the palm, then you will understand how raw meat feels to the touch. If you squeeze the tips of your index finger and thumb, the muscle on the thumb will tense a little – this is the feel of Medium Rare meat. If you lightly press the tip of your middle finger against the tip of your thumb, it will feel like Medium roast meat. Connecting the tip of your ring finger to your thumb will tighten the muscle even more. The same should be the meat prepared by Medium Well. Place your thumb on your little finger and touch a muscle to see how well-done meat will be.
  5. Depending on the type of meat, you can serve a different side dish to it. If we are talking about steaks, then vegetables are best suited here: baked, stewed, grilled, or in the form of various mashed potatoes from celery, potatoes, or pumpkin. Also, meat goes well with cereals: white rice, lentils, or buckwheat. Meat can also be served with new peeled potatoes, fried with onions and cherry tomatoes. Sweet and sour sauces made from wild berries are also perfect for meat.
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