5 Rules for Making the Perfect Burger

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You will definitely need these rules to make the perfect burger at home!

  1. The alpha and omega of a good burger is minced meat. Ready, of course, we do not buy under any circumstances. We choose moderately lean beef on the market (you can add pork and lamb to it) and ask the seller to scroll (or we do it ourselves). And – the main secret – add a little pork or lamb fat to the minced meat – also, of course, ground. Fat or lard should be 20% of the total. If you want to add cheese or bacon to your burger, reduce the percentage of fat to 10-15%.
  2. What can be mixed into minced meat? Try adding bacon, raw sausage, smoked meats, or basturma; good are pine and walnuts (especially in minced lamb), pieces of cheese, fruits, and dried fruits (they must be wrapped in the center of the minced meat, otherwise they will burn when frying). Spices, herbs, onions, and garlic – no questions asked.
  3. Rule number one – never press the patties while frying! Let the bad actors do it in cheap films about the American hinterland. By pressing the cutlet into the skillet, you squeeze the juices out of it, making the burger dry and lifeless. Rule number two – don’t flip the cutlet too quickly, let the crust fully form.
  4. There are two options: either urgently buy a country house and install a stationary grill there, or get a good cast-iron frying pan with a thick bottom and a non-stick coating. It is tempting to use a regular grill pan, but, alas, in the case of burgers, it is not very suitable: the cutlet will not cook evenly. But on a cast-iron skillet (which, of course, needs to be warmed up properly), the cutlet will be exactly as it should – with a crust on the outside and soft inside.
  5. Do not forget to lightly fry the roll on the cut so that the crust does not allow the roll to get wet from cutlet juices. With fillings, you need to balance between two fires. On the one hand, it’s silly to make a clone of a restaurant burger at home with a standard cheese and cucumber set. Try adjika instead of ketchup, jam instead of mayonnaise, pickled tomatoes instead of fresh ones, and lightly salted cucumbers instead of salted ones. On the other hand, you shouldn’t turn a burger into a multi-story structure with everything in the refrigerator. You will regret the guests, and leave something for your breakfast.
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