5 Secrets of Cooking Burgers

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5 secrets of a chef

  1. It is important to caramelize the loaf. To do this, you need to grease its inner parts with oil and put it in an ordinary frying pan at home. The fire on the stove should be low, fry until crisp. This will prevent the sauce from soaking into the bun and turning the burger into mush.
  2. The sauce is not spread on the cutlet, but on the top and bottom of the roll. Now it will not be absorbed into them, and the cheese will not slide off the cutlet.
  3. In order for the cutlet to remain juicy after frying, in no case should it be pressed with a spatula against a baking sheet or pan. This is often done in American films, but it’s wrong. That’s right – just turn the cutlet over every 30 seconds, without putting any pressure on it. Then the cutlet will remain juicy on the inside, and the outside will be crispy.
  4. You need to fry the cutlet for 6 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees. On home pans and gas stoves, the temperature is under 300, so you need to fry over low heat and turn it over exactly every 30 seconds, and not every 3 minutes. Since pans rarely have a temperature sensor, you need to visually monitor the crust. And as a rule, in a frying pan, the cutlet will be ready in 4 minutes.
  5. It is best to use marbled beef, but not required. It all depends on your capabilities, imagination and the range of the neighboring store, so minced meat can be made even from turkey or crocodile. The main thing is to observe the ratio of meat and fat. Optimal 80% to 20%, although someone loves fatter – 70% to 30%. You can even make vegan burgers – for example, from soaked chickpeas with turmeric.
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