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5 Tips for Choosing Fish for Sushi

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Making sushi is a very exciting process. It takes very little time, and the pleasure of homemade sushi is much more, because they are made with your own hands.

  1. Fish and shellfish with crustaceans used to make sushi must first of all be fresh, since in most cases they are eaten raw. Knowing the freshness of whole fish, chunks of fish, shellfish with crustaceans and other seafood will allow you to choose the freshest and therefore most delicious fish in the fish market or the best preserved frozen fish in a large store if possible.
  2. It is especially important that the whole fish is fresh, that is, not gutted with all the insides. When examining such a fish, make sure that the scales are not damaged and shiny, the flesh is elastic, the eyes are black and transparent, not bloody, the belly is hard, the gills are bright red. And of course, the absence of any fishy smell! Dull eyes and dirty gray gills clearly indicate that such fish must be boiled.
  3. When buying fish cuts, make sure the flesh is firm and shiny and the blood on the cuts is bright red. Since the meat loses its flavor and becomes crumbly when you wash the pieces of fish, it is best to buy the whole fish and cut it at home.
  4. Having bought fish, you should cut it up as soon as possible, and then store it in the cold. If you are going to cook the fish soon, place it in the refrigerator, wrapped in a pre-damp cloth. If the cut fish will be in the refrigerator for more than half a day, put it in a plastic bag. Opened fish dries up in the refrigerator.
  5. The taste of frozen fish depends on how deeply it is thawed. Fish will thaw best if placed in the refrigerator overnight, where it will thaw gradually. But if you are in a hurry, thaw the fish in salted water: put freshwater fish in a solution with 1/2 teaspoon of salt per 4 cups of water; for sea fish, take 1 tablespoon of salt in 4 glasses of water. This will avoid the loss of many of the flavors. But you can’t let the frozen fish thaw completely. As soon as it can be cut with a knife, then it is ready for further processing.
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