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5 Tips for Making Homemade Ice Cream

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Homemade ice cream is incomparable to the commercial one containing milk, diluted with water, sweetened with cheap sweeteners and stuffed with synthetic flavors and stabilizers. An ice cream maker will make your life easier when making ice cream. Usually the volume of the mixture due to the air driven into it increases by 1.8–2 times (the more, the better the ice cream).

  1. When freezing, the ice cream temperature is brought to minus 14-15 ° C. The freezing time is different for different ice cream makers. When the ice cream is half frozen, it needs to be transferred to a plastic container and the process completed in an ordinary freezer.
  2. You can store homemade ice cream for about 1 month in a glass, plastic or metal container, covered with foil or a lid.
  3. You can do without an ice cream maker altogether, it is important only during the entire freezing time in the freezer (from 2 to 5 hours) every half hour to stir the whole mass in a metal dish with a dough spatula or mixer. In addition to an ice cream maker, you need special metal or glass bowls for whipping and freezing, as well as a form for a round ice cream – “ice bomb with a lid”. You can also successfully use a soufflé dish or regular round bowls. To stir the mass during the freezing process, you will need a wooden dough spatula. Storing ice cream requires plastic containers with tight lids.
  4. You can serve ready-made ice cream with sweet sauces, biscuits, waffles, crushed nuts, candied fruits, dried fruits and, of course, fresh fruits and berries.
  5. The options for homemade homemade ice cream are endless. Experimenting with the addition of certain ingredients, you can come up with your own unique varieties of ice cream, and no book can accommodate the possible ways of decorating this dessert.
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