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5 Tips for Making the Best Burger

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The best burger cooking tips!

  1. It is better not to conjure too much with seasonings in order to preserve the juicy and aromatic taste of meat. The most basic – salt and pepper – is enough, but if you wish, you can add different spices and herbs.
  2. Cutlets are quickly and conveniently molded using a special small press. You can find it in stores in the kitchen utensils departments. So the cutlets will be the same shape, clearly matching the size of the bun.
  3. For frying, use a wire rack, barbecue pan, or a heavy-bottomed pan.
  4. Delicious and tender burgers are made with chicken or turkey. In a burger with poultry, both minced meat and a juicy fried piece of fillet will be relevant.
  5. Fishburger (from tuna, salmon or trout, with pike and pike perch) combined with a delicate sauce, lettuce and vegetables will appeal to lovers of healthy food.
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