5 Ways To Make A Delicious Dessert At Home

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There are many quick desserts available. But we have selected some of the simplest and most popular for you. What can you quickly cook from delicious food?

  1. For example, a layered dessert made from fruits, pieces of cookies, cream, mascarpone. Just lay out all the ingredients in layers in a glass and serve. Such desserts are based on the trifle, beloved by the British. When preparing a puff dessert, you can safely experiment with the ingredients.
  2. A light and tasty dessert is also a smoothie, which can be prepared from a variety of berries and fruits. Curd and berry mousses can also be made in 10 minutes.
  3. One of the popular quick desserts is chocolate-covered fruits, or fruits with cream. The original dessert is stuffed strawberries. It is enough to prepare strawberry cups and invite the children to fill them with mascarpone cheese and sprinkle with almond crumbs.
  4. Instead of slicing fruit, you can surprise loved ones with an original dessert. To do this, take a pear and cut it into round thin slices. Mix curd with sour cream. Now coat all the pear slices, rebuilding it in the required sequence. As a result, you will get a pear tower, with layers of cottage cheese and sour cream.
  5. You can go even further and make a real berry soup! Children and adults will also appreciate it. Sweet berry soup can be made from fresh berries or frozen.
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