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6 Beef Cooking Tips That Will Help You

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Due to ignorance of how to cook and from what, people very rarely cook for themselves an exquisite, very tasty, and healthy dish called a beefsteak. Cooking a steak at home and delighting loved ones with a culinary masterpiece is not at all difficult if you know all the subtleties and secrets.

For a perfect dish, first of all, you need to decide on what to cook it, and then go directly to the meat.

So, since the distant past, it has been recommended to cook a steak on a wire rack. Today this can be done not only in nature but also at home by purchasing an electric grill. The dish will turn out to be no less tasty than over an open fire. Choose the right equipment, taking into account all the nuances and details.

When you have already decided on the choice, you can safely move on to cooking meat.

It is important to follow several rules and adhere to them:

  1. it is better to cook a steak from aged marbled meat, before cooking it must be wiped with a napkin so that it is completely dry;
  2. the most optimal cut thickness should be 2.5-3 centimeters, this is a very important point;
    when cutting a cut, remember the main rule: it must be cut across the fibers;
  3. before putting the steak on the grill, make sure that it is heated to the required temperature and does not smoke, otherwise, the cut will burn out on the outside, but inside it will remain raw;
  4. the grill surface should initially be as hot as possible. After laying the steak on it, the temperature must be reduced, for uniform frying and preservation of taste;
  5. after cooking, the meat must be removed from the grill and left to rest for 5-10 minutes;
  6. serve the delicacy on warm plates (or special wooden planks) and use well-sharpened knives.
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