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6 Cool Cake Making Tips

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Some homemade baking tricks.

  1. Do not put the cake in a very hot oven right away, otherwise the top of the dough will be hard and the middle will not bake.
  2. The dough will become gelatinous if the oven is not hot enough before baking or the dough does not rise well.
  3. The finished cake, if it is not baked, will surely settle, so it must first be baked in the oven at a moderate temperature, unless otherwise provided by the recipe.
  4. When baking a cake, if possible, do not open the door of the oven or open and close it very carefully, without slamming it, otherwise the middle of the cake will immediately settle and the cake will turn out to be “tempered”.
  5. The finished cake will not settle if it is kept in a warm place immediately after the end of baking or if you remove the fire from the oven, let it cool slightly without removing it from it.
  6. Cut a fresh cake into portions with a sharp long knife, dipping it into hot water each time and wiping it quickly. At the same time, the product does not condense, does not crumble, and the pieces of cake are smooth.
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