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6 Cool Salad Cooking Tips

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These tips will come in handy!

  1. For vinaigrettes, pickled onions are used.
  2. For salads, it is better to use more juicy, sweet onions.
  3. Radish salads can be seasoned with onions, lightly fried in vegetable oil.
  4. You can put a crust of rye bread grated with garlic in the salad for a few minutes. Before serving, the crust is removed, but a subtle, subtle smell of garlic remains.
  5. In sauerkraut salad instead of apples, you can put slices of oranges or tangerines.
  6. When using unpeeled cucumbers, you must first taste a piece of the peel and make sure that it does not taste bitter. If it tastes bitter, the cucumbers should be peeled.
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