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6 Cool Tips for Making Yummy Salads

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These tips will definitely come in handy if you want to be able to cook the most delicious salads!

  1. The overly sour taste of sorrel can be softened by cooking with other herb, cottage cheese, apples, or nuts.
  2. Dandelion leaves for salads are best harvested in spring, later bitterness appears in them. It is better to pick gently green, young leaves.
  3. So that dandelion leaves do not taste bitter, they are put in water for a while.
  4. Withered lettuce leaves can be refreshed by holding them for 15 minutes in warm water.
  5. Withered greens of dill, celery and parsley will become fresh again if you put them in water with vinegar for an hour.
  6. Parsley, dill and mint will stay fresh for several days in dry weather when placed in a tightly closed dry container.
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