6 Secrets for a Delicious Burger

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Want to make the most delicious burger ever? we will help you with this!

  1. Depending on the filling itself, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fishburgers, chickenburgers, veggie burgers (vegetarian), tofuburgers and others are distinguished.
  2. Let’s start with the selection of meat for the king of all burgers – a hamburger, in the middle of which there is always a meat cutlet. Unlike regular cutlets in a skillet, the meat for a burger should not be greasy. When the meat is fried on the wire rack, fat will constantly drip onto the coals, burn, smoke, irritate.
  3. Do not take young meat so that it does not come out dry and lean. If it’s veal, then half with pork.
  4. When choosing meat at the market or in the supermarket, take not lean tenderloin, but a thick edge.
  5. Minced meat should be cooked on your own.
  6. Do not grind the meat too much. Elastic cutlet is much more stable to fry on the grate than fine crumbly, which, most likely, will fall on the coals.
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